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Thursday, March 02, 2006

I'd like a window please...

In various online circles, people who don't get out enough are getting all excited about the new version of Microsoft Windows, which is launching soon. I say the 'new version', but in fact I meant to write 'six versions', or twelve if you include the fact that each will be available for different 32 or 64 bit kernels. I don't know what a Kernel is, let alone why I should have to choose between six different versions of the same (surely it's the same?) operating system. Astonishingly, Microsoft has designed one version (or rather un-designed a better version into an inferior one) for 'developing markets'. So if you live in what Microsoft determines to be a 'developing market' (read 'third world country') rest assured that they'd rather help you 'develop' your society before you can play with windows media player.

Of course this simplified version of Windows Vista will be much cheaper than the standard versions sold in countries that have already finished 'developing'. And I'm sure it'll run sweetly on the MIT $100 computer. The pressure is being put on governments of 'developing' nations to invest millions of dollars in purchasing these machines. Great idea. No, really. $100 so that we can start Skyping people in the famine belts of Africa. Here's what Oxfam America say they could do with $100... decide for yourself which is more important.

$100 Provides a young student living in poverty in Mali with the vocational training and financial support necessary to start her own weaving business.


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