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Saturday, February 25, 2006

You can barely see the mend...

I remember now why I have always bought laptops instead of desktop computers. It's Saturday afternoon, and I'm lying on my bed with Caca and Toast purring beside me. It pains me to suggest that I have favourites, but this week Toast has been the light of my life and the warmth in my bed. She usually comes up to nuzzle, snif and lick my face just before I turn the lights out at night, and then curls up in the folds of the duvet beside me, close enough for me to tickle and stroke her tummy until I fall asleep.

Last night Ryan and Jonathan made tacos, and they were very good (the tacos that is, although Ryan and Johnathan were well behaved in case you were afraid they might have been turning into scoundrels). We talked about this and that, including getting shoes and jackets repaired. I mentioned having to leave my winter coat in at a little seamstress and dry cleaning place on Mont Royal. The flap of the left hand pocket had torn along the seam... it wasn't a vital repair but it was exposing the nice downy insides of my coat, and would get worse every time I thrust my hands in my pockets. As you can imagine, one thrust ones hands into ones pockets a lot in Montréal in the winter.

Ryan reminded me of an interesting observation. In this consumerist throw-away society, the cost of most goods and products has now fallen (and the prevalence of designed-obsalesence has at the same time risen) to the point that some people will buy a $50 pair of shoes, and then just throw them away when part of them tears or falls apart. But as Ryan put it "I only paid $50 for them, so I can pay $15 for a repair and I'm still paying less than I might have done on a more expensive pair..." Why don't more people think like that, instead of just tossing aside something that was badly made to begin with?

My jacket has, incidentally, been repaired superbly, and it cost me $13. Money well spent.



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