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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Wanton vandalism...

Official statement: I can only say that I am shocked, appalled and disappointed with the purile, immature and depraved activities of certain anonymous friends of mine, who take pleasure in destroying the purity of freshly fallen snow. Residents of this street must have been quite confused as well... because that doesn't look anything like a certain famous soul singer...



Anonymous David from Weston Colville said...

Hello Jamie - I've been enjoying reading your blog ever since you left England and I'm sorry I haven't contributed yet. But the Belle and Sebastian piece reminded me of an odd experience a couple of months ago. I was in a good, independent, record store in Cambridge (UK) buying a copy of the only CD by Love that I haven't yet got. Now, Love were very big in the late sixties, West Coast acid rock, at the time when my own profoundly important bonds with music were being formed. As I was paying I asked the (extremely young) assistant what the music was that was playing on the in store system. She said "Belle and Sebastian - they've been really influenced by Love" referring to my purchase. Which probably explains why I was enjoying the music so much. Mind you, I was astonished that such a youngster even knew about Love - clearly a good record store. Of course, I'd never heard of B&S - I gave up on modern music when I could no longer tell which was the artist and which was the track title in the listings. So, I think it's probably about time I went out and added to my CD collection.

David from Weston Colville

ps I've started noticing some typos creeping in - standards slipping??

7:07 am  
Blogger James said...

Ani tiping errirs are bezauce I'm constintly swatcheng between Franch (Canadiam), Franch (Franch), Engrish (Amercan) and Engrish (Engrish) keiboerds. Apuloogeez.


9:16 am  
Blogger James said...

PS... David... have lost your email
(and Gabrielle's it seems). Please drop me a line and will reply with particular B+S recommendations :-)


9:54 am  

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