I'm not bräve, just naïve...

Monday, February 20, 2006

"Darling, why is that man photographing snow?"

"Because he's English, and to him it's a novelty to see so much snow, piled up in the corner of a suburban shopping mall car park by snow ploughs after successive winter storms. He also finds strange beauty in the thousands of shades of grey and white caused by months of grime and dirt that have polluted this apparently purest of natural substances. By photographing it, he is asserting his presence and cementing a memory, and will probably brag about the amount of snow that Montréal receives to his friends back home in Europe by posting the image on his blog. He'll then take advantage of the fact that we drove through the shot just as he took the photograph to a) provide scale to the photograph and b) to create an imagined conversation between the two of us."

"Darling, I hate it when you pretend to know everything..."


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