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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My last post, Googled

Here's a version of my last post 'translated automatically' by a Google Translate computer from English to French and back to English again...

Monday harms, and make us sausages and corn salad. Relieve food during one week very comfortable in my life. The dinner of Sunday turned over to the normal program the night spent, and it all came together... Braided bread of Bea, sauce salad miso-based of Laura on chops superb-good market in a salad of avodcado which was simply exact, of pig of Ryan the enormous ones, fine beer of Quebec d' Ulli and Melissa and fine red wine of Jane. Apart from snow fell wistfully, accommodating to be pretty however noninconvenient just enough for those which had to go to the house. I tried to initiate meal-with-friends of this Sunday evening currents after the experiment of chéz happy Beatrice and Co of much of Sunday nights in Oxford. It became so significant for me to have this rate/rhythm, and I always await with interest the meals.

We obtained an E-mail of a distant friend and peripetetic... and are this evening in top a photograph of the reading of Beatrice it. It is a pretty damnant device of my character that I update my blog before I answer him, but does not worry Stef, we think of you and will update soon to you. If it is any consolation, I am even worse with remaining in the contact with my family... than all will be addressed (or called) this week, I promise.



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