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Friday, January 13, 2006

The Earth catches up...

Earlier this week, the earth shook in San Francisco, as Steve Jobs announced that his company (Apple) were to start producing computers that run on Intel processor chips. It had been expected for some time, but it was still quite a moment for the crowds of disturbingly-excited folks in the auditorium at the annual MacExpo show. The products speak for themselves... they aren't just slightly faster than the models they are replacing, in some cases they are four times faster. The uniquely robust architecture of the Mac operating system has transferred seamlessly to the products of the once evil empire, previously detested by all Mac geeks. Take a look at the Apple website to find out more.

And if that wasn't enough to excite us Mac-cers, look who's finally showed up to the party... it's the beta (test) version of Google Earth for Mac (also available to download here). And it's a dream... smooth running on the system most likely to be used by those who are going to appreciate the amazing possibilities of Google Earth (lazy creative layabouts like me who take their Powerbooks down to the local coffee shop to surf wirelessly and needlessly...). The interface also looks much sweeter... this was definitely the environment that the programme was designed to run on.



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Hey James,

Hows it going, This is Al from french class. Your blog is pretty sweet. Me and a friend have one going too but we have been slacking on keeping it updated.
I got a class in seminars totally in french, except i have decided to take the lazy path and do my talks in english

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