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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Samedi dans les ruelles... (deuxième partie)

So, today's theme is how heavy snow makes ugly cars beautiful. I woke up this morning early to the sound of my friend and co-loc coming home from an all night club... hehe, Ryan hasn't lost it yet. Caca and Ben poked their noses around my bedroom door and came and joined me for a little while. Caca was in her usual "well I suppose I could grace you with my presence" mode, and collapsed next to me, while Ben continued to be excited and/or paranoid and jumped all over the place sniffing and scratching. Nothing quite like the company and adoration of two ladies first thing in the morning.

But I decided that feline company was not for me this morning, and after a quick bowl of oats, I went out to do my duty as a British citizen who doesn't know what snow is, and took lots of photos around the Plateau. Although the city is stuff muffled and quiet like it was yesterday, with clear blue skies and people off from work, there are more people around and more people digging out cars. It is with great satisfaction that I can report that not one SUV (4x4) driver was getting around any more easily this morning. In fact, they were taking twice as long just to get going because they had bigger cars to dig out.

My arse still hurts from yesterday, when I attempted to run across a street on an orange, and of course ended up doing a little bit of aerial ballet for the driver of the first car at the traffic lights. I think it must have been very elegant, the way that I magically threw first my legs and then the rest of my body up level with his windshield before disappearing out of sight in front of his car... so this morning I walked tentatively through partially cleared ruelles and parks.

The meterologists are predicting just a little bit more snow this weekend, and then cool temperatures for the rest of the week. Which means all this white stuff is going to be sticking around, guaranteeing a white Christmas for Montréal.

Just a shame, of course, that I'll be somewhere 50 degrees warmer :-)



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