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Sunday, October 30, 2005

My only acknowledgement of Hallowe'en: pumpkin soup...

Sunday night means open house for food and friendly natter at the apartment. Ulli provided both tonight, with a stonking pumpkin soup. We did, admittedly, forget about the seeds which we'd put in the oven to use later, but the soup was brilliant, and was the perfect way for me to experience my first ever Hallowe'en themed meal :)

Conversations subjects included (but were not limited to...) phone sex, Albertan sovereignty, the qualities of beer versus wine, the correct name for 'Kinder Egg' and phone bills from Bell Mobility. The bastards.



Anonymous ulli said...

thank you for cutting of my head :)

10:45 pm  
Anonymous ulli said...

mmh, of course it should be 'off'.

10:45 pm  
Blogger James said...

Hey, count yourself lucky your torso made it - most of my friends only appear as partial body parts in these pics. Even my profile pic is limited to half of my face...

Honestly some people are just impossible to please :)

Nice soup though... 8-)

10:26 pm  

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