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Saturday, October 22, 2005

And did I mention...?

I forgot to add this to my earlier posts - my dramatic shift from being an unemployed layabout who stayed in bed until eleven, to a hard working Montréal-er who's in the metro by 0730hr has brought about a new opportunity. With an income on the way (and thank the lord for fortnightly pay-cheques) I've enrolled on the 'French Grammar and Conversation' course at the YMCA School of Languages in downtown Montréal. The course starts on 1 November and will give me two three hour sessions a week until mid-December. The fees (which unfortunately include a 'foreign student enrollment fee'... grrr...) bring it to about $10/hr (£5). Which to be honest isn't bad... I think paying for them myself has had a remarkable effect with regard to focusing the mind on making the most of them too :-)



Blogger Sarah Conner said...

Hi James, Greetings from New Zealand!

I think your blog is really interesting and entertaining - well done and keep up the excellent work!


3:54 pm  

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