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Saturday, October 22, 2005

The second loaf... :)

... and it's a beaut' ! A few mid-knead concerns about the consistency etc, but when all was done and it went into the oven, I had a good feeling. Again, this is a 100% wholeweat mix - I've yet to try the 50% white / 50% wholeweat mix, but I might do it next week. None of the annoying folds at the bottom of the baking tray, so it cuts smoothly and is a really nice way to start the day. In this instance, a lazy Saturday morning breakfast (creamed wheat, coffee, orange juice, home made bread... and to finish some home made yoghurt with bananas, peach pulp and syrup... trust me, it works).

Also a major addition to my diet lately are the flax bagels from the St. Viateur bagel bakery just down the street. It looks like a café from the street, but when you go in you suddenly see the flames inside the vast open brick oven at the back of the kitchen, with several bakers working on mountains (and I mean mountains of dough). I originally went in and tried in my best French to ask for wholeweat (grains entiers?). However, an interesting (if only half-understood conversation followed) and I ended up with six flax ones instead. And to my surprise, they're gorgeous - I think I've always been a man for chewy tough breads, and these are great for lunch time sandwiches. I recommend them highly, especially as they're just $2.40 for 6 (about £1.20) compared to $3.50 for factory produced ones in the supermarket. Thank you for the recommendation Charlotte... again you have improved my quality of life :-)



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