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Monday, October 17, 2005

James in the Americas: version 1.1

Courtesy of world66.com/myworld66 it's my great pleasure to present the latest update of my 'provinces in Canada that I've visited' and 'states in U. S. of America that I've visited' maps!

So, north of the border, tick off Alberta and Québec (although don't let that simplistic shading fool you - I've not been much further north than the bottom half of AB or the lowest eighth of QC, and there are frankly few reasons to consider it). In the United States of America... Illinois (but of course six hours counts!!! I connected flights at Chicgo O'Hare three years ago...), New York, Connecticut, Massachusets and Vermont.

Vital stats:

2 Canadian provinces out of 13... that's 15%
5 US states out of 51... just 9%



Anonymous tcharlött said...

Too many statistics and not enough passion, Mister Ontheroad. The article about making your own bread is WARM though. As for the new job I can tell that you are going to HATE it before long and maybe you could use your time drawing and making some "bandes dessinées" instead, it will pay more IN THE END because your talent will be involved and time will not have been lost. Also you could give us some insight on the people you've met and fed (on your weekly special suppers for example) and what you feel about them, it would be interesting to be part of the "interaction"... Don't let the dull stuff take too much place!!

9:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hola!!! It's your eonderful ex-housemate Rachel feeling very jealous at the exciting time you're having! I'm obviously too busy being intellectual to worry about small things like travelling, but I'm planning on going to NYC for new year and a few days at the start of January...if it conincides with your trip to same said city that would be great!
Hope you're okay, I'm having another man crisis as always, but hey, the easy life is for wimps!


6:11 am  
Blogger James said...

Hehehe... two of the women I miss very much in my life make comments in one day :) Nice to know my rambling doesn't go unnoticed...

Don't worry Charlotte - I am pleased to have chosen a job that finishes at 1530hr: it leaves plenty of time to make more of my evenings, and like my computer, I have developed a valuable ability to 'shut down' when I'm not at work. It also means I can start French classes at the YMCA (grammar & conversation level 4) two evenings a week from November 1st...

Good news on another front, but I can't talk about it here - a definite possibility for something more inspiring and creative in the new year. I'll update you soon.

*j* x

6:35 pm  

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