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Monday, October 17, 2005

The first loaf, the first day at work...

Here's a clever trick I learnt at university... my first 'architectural' CV was, in the style of many Sheffield architecture graduates, a full colour, double sided folded leaflet. All very snazzy, but very difficult to print well unless you did it on a heavyweight paper (the ink just seaps through, y'see?). Trouble is, the best print quality comes from a colour laser printer - ink jets can be a little unreliable in my experience.

So, the solution? Print the two sides of your leaflet on standard laser paper, and then use a spray adhesive to stick the two together. Trim and fold for the smartest look. I didn't bring any of my trusty '3M' brand Spraymount with me, so I found a similar looking spray adhesive in a papeterie on Mont-Royal. It certainly works well, but it does produce a very different kind of high to my preferred brand... apologies if this blog entry is a little spacey.... %-)

Pictured is the produce of a quiet night in chéz James: my first batch of home made bread in Montréal: a gorgeous wholeweat loaf that is satisfying chewy and hefty. Breakfast is now a very much more interesting event.

And just as well, because this morning my new routine started with my alarm buzzing at 06hr. I have a job downtown with a large marketing company, and am in training to provide customer support to customers who want to cancel their subscriptions to a savings programme. I'll be honest with you, I think the savings programme is, well, not quite a scam, but frankly not worth the weight of the paper used in their mailouts. But, since I have to 'believe in the product in order to sell it' I'm embrassing the ideology and trying a very different line of work to anything I've done before. I came home tonight energised with ideas for a new comic thread, perhaps even a mini-story. Watch this space, because now I've told you about it, I'm really going to have to follow it through :)



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