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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Launch of the Space Shuttle Caffeine

When someone comes to visit, we feel obliged to do a number of Montréal specific activities. A pichet and a poutine; a walk through the Mont-Royal Park etc. Today is Gem's last full day in the city, so while Ryan went off to spend seven hours 'helping the deaf', Gem and I took the métro to Jean-Talon Market. I've not been since before Christmas, finding the reduced size of the market a little depressing and crowded inside the temporary winter walls. I've also become a regular at a number of fresh food stores on avenue du Mont Royal instead, finding equal quality and prices right on my doorstep.

But I was happy to show this Montréal landmark this morning, because we needed to get something that's a little harder to find on Mont Royal. Between Jean-Talon métro and the market is a crowded little shop that is piled high with cheap electrical goods. No famous brand-names here, just cheap and cheerful important Chinese household electricals that may or may not have fallen off the back of a truck during some part of their round the world journey to Montréal. This week, during a particularly vigorous session of dish washing, I managed to break the glass jug of Charlotte's coffee maker. Various enquiries this week have made me realise the cost of a replacement jug is about equal to the cost of a new coffee maker. Much to my chagrin, I am now a participant in this horrid throw-it-away consumer culture (although I will hold on to the functioning coffee maker in case we see a jug that's affordable).

In a moment of tough decisions that reminded me of my car buying dilemma (see God Bless All Who Sail In Her for the result of my Skoda versus Saab decision), I was forced to choose between a) white-and-frumpy or b) shiny-and-sexy (in as much as a coffee maker can be either frumpy or sexy, that is).

So here she is. And bloody hell, is that one intimidating coffee maker. The summary of features on the box pretty much explains the amount of excitement we're going to be having every morning from now on.

  • Special Cleaning Cycle - makes cleaning your coffeemaker quick and easy

  • On/Off Indicator Light - Lets you know when your coffeemaker is "on" and "off"

  • 2-Hour Auto Shut Off - Keeps your coffee hot for two hours then automatically shuts off

  • Brew Strength Selector - Adjust the brewing time to create a more full flavoured coffee

  • Adjustable Temperature Warmer Plate Control - Lets you keep coffee at the temperature you like after brewing

  • Audible Ready Signal - Beeps when your coffee is ready

  • etc etc etc etc etc



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