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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Before or after the crash?

Just in case you thought I was turning into a Saab nut who wouldn't consider driving anything else, I saw this post over on UKSaabs and remembered that it's not just Saabs that look after you in accident. Believe it or not, this 740 saloon has been in rather messy crash, and rolled rather violently two times, ending up in a field. The driver lost control during an (admittedly quite light) snowstorm last weekend. The owner, who repairs cars for a living, explains...

One of our customers owns an MGF which has recently been into the main dealers (whose initials are the same as Air Conditioning Laughing ) for a new head gasket. A fairly common problem with these. Sadly, that is all they did, and did not have the head skimmed, so the new gasket has blown. Fed up with clowns, he brought it to us to have it done properly. We lent him the Ovlov whilst the MG is fixed.

In the light snow we had on Wednesday night, he lost it on a bend and rolled it twice, ending up on its wheels. There is not a straight panel left, and the police said if he had been in his MG he would be dead. As it was, he opened the door and walked away unscathed.

Note also, if you will, note one window has broken, and that not one part of the car's structure has buckled. Impressive, huh?



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