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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Punch the blog...

It's not been a good week it seems, over at Blogger HQ, where various bits of hardware have been playing up. It seems that the software that powers this online journal of my life (and many thousands of other amateur and pro bloggers) has also been working only sporadically. Today, I've had many problems uploading photos and text to share with you on this blog or my new pet project. Earlier this week, all the letters with accents (acute, grave, umlaut etc) on my blog have disappeared and been replaced with gobble-di-gook. I don't know exactly why this has happened, but I am looking into it, and will try and sort that out... it may mean manually editing every one of my 125 posts and replacing each accented letter with an old fashioned HTML code.

And for those of you still using Internet Explorer, I've given up on ever being able to understand exactly why text on the page disappears and appears when you scroll: broadly accepted geek-wisdom seems to suggest that if you're suffering, you should ditch IE for a more modern browser such as Firefox or Safari. The code of this page is compliant with all standards, it's just a known bug with IE, which is a programme Microsoft don't really support or develop any more.

Hope you like the bacon, photographed a few weeks ago as I finished off a film I had started in New York. I didn't have any bacon, or eggs, or pancakes, or tomatoes this morning, since Ryan's been doing a course all weekend and I can't justify a weekend fry without someone else in the apartment to share the grease.

Gem arrives on Tuesday... looking forward to seeing Montreal through the eyes of a first time visitor once more. That's how we should see the world all the time, don't you think?



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