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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Nice to come home to you...

After a very good wine and cheese birthday party at Ulli's (ratio of bottles of wine to people about 1 : 1, ratio of fine cheeses to people about 1.5 : 1) Ryan and I walked back down a misty avenue du Mont Royal in the fresh night time air. We came back to the apartment with our metaphorical tails between our legs: Ben Z, Caca, Cucu and Toast were most interested to hear our excuses as to where we had been. I tried to explain the fine goat's cheese, the emmental, the brie, the salad, the cross-eyed dead teddy bear hanging beneath near perfectly balanced helium balloons, the seven bottles of wine, the rubbery yoga mat, the bits of my body that had been used to demonstrate yogic massage techniques and the really annoying way in which the conversation would grind to a halt when everyone took out a digital camera to photograph everyone else taking photos with digital cameras. The four of them listened, but I don't think they took it in. I was forgiven, and after drinking a pint or two of water (hehehe, red wine can't stop me...) I turned the last lights off in the apartment and retreated to my bedroom.

This was the sight that was waiting for me. Three ladies, all patiently waiting for me to finish my nocturnal routines and to re-create the rolling landscape I form every night under my sheets. The bedside light went off, and peaceful purring lulled me to sleep.

Happy birthday Ulli... same time, (different place) next year?



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