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Monday, November 28, 2005

The unbearable weight of gravity...

So, as you know, my online 'brandname' is jamesbrownontheroad. This suffix was largely influenced by the vast number of people with the same name as me who've managed to grab every easy-to-remember and logical email account at all the free email providers... Well, today I lived up to that name and managed to successfully identify myself as a non-Canadian when I took that name and gave it a new meaning, by stepping onto a pavement and doing a loop-di-loop on a glassy sheet of ice.

The painful bit is that I was very close to my office (actually, that's a lie, the painful bit is my hip...). I'd just stepped off the bus, managed to cross two icy and thinly gritted streets and get about 20 metres down another icy and thinly gritted street towards the office where I'm now working... and then it all went tits up. Or rather I went tits up. Only my tits aren't that impressive and they didn't offer much cushioning for my fall, y'know? A number of Québecers were walking past me on the way to work. Did anyone of them stop and help or offer words of sympathy? Of course not, although that's probably because they were all having enough difficulty staying vertical themselves. My sincere apologies go to the middle aged woman I very nearly took down with me when my arms flailed around in desperation... you were very wise to swerve out of my way.



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