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Thursday, November 24, 2005

It's actually not that cold

We're in the zone, folks... the snow's falling, but it's not too cold... a nice crisp -5 to -10, which makes for a happy James. It could almost be England. Only there's snow. But you get my drift. I've had a fairly low few days between the end of a short mandate placement (see below), desperately sending out CVs for jobs that only get me half-excited. This photo was taken on Wednesday night, as I tried to write my loyal, luscious, and loving girlfriend a letter. It's really not that easy when one or more cats choose to park their furry frames on my pad. Not that I'm complaining, Cucu has been a lot more friendly lately, and she seems to be taking more care of herself, after a particularly dandruffy stage...

Good news, though, fans... I have a job starting tomorrow. Two months up in Anjou doing something that doesn't sound too exciting or taxing for $13/hr. Watch this space for first day reactions. Now that's snowing I just want to get my head down and work; it's not easy being a layabout, y'know :)



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