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Thursday, November 24, 2005

This is what an Englishman looks like...

...when he overdresses for the cold weather. Our first clean crisp day of nice snowfall, so of course the incentive to go crazy with the camera. Plus some good news at last; a semi-permanent job offered to me through my agency which should see me through until January when Beatrice comes to visit. Not architectural or design related, but then it doesn't sound like it involves being economical with the truth with exploited Yanks. $13/hr, and reachable by métro and bus.

1) Rue Boyer, just off avenue du Mont-Royal Est, looking all Christmas-card-ish.

2) Here's Ryan getting all happy because he's seeing what a little bit of snow can do to perk up the disposition of his English friend. And yes, for my distant English friends, that Esso station really is selling unleaded for 89.4c/litre ... about 44.2p... And Canadians think that's expensive. The truth is gonna hurt 'em...

3) Icicles forming on parked cars opposite our local supermarket (you ain't seen nothing yet, everyone assures me...)

4) Avenue du Mont-Royal, near to the apartment. Notice how the plastic signage for the Couche Tard (trans: 'Go to bed late') convenience store opposite has been designed to be enhanced with just a little bit of snow... :)


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