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Friday, July 29, 2005

it's in the post

Now, the real test of my Canadian dream begins. A new mini-CV is in the post to a carefully selected group of Montreal based architects, all of whom I would be very interested in working for.

If you want to see a print or pdf copy, please e-mail me.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

bollocks, I've become a stereotype

Well, I was hovering around 'S' in Auto Trader, desperately looking for a Skoda estate to carry me home to England. No luck there, and my eyes wandered...

So, here it is... a bright red 1994 Saab 900S 2.0. With my brown linen jacket and wanky spectacles, I'm stumped as to what else I could possibly own to complete the stereotypical architect look... suggestions on a postcard welcomed at the usual address.

If you fancy getting a bit of the wanky architect look yourself, the car will be on sale in September back home in England. Good condition for year, 130,000 miles, electric windows, mirrors and a thermo-nuclear interior heater that was designed to survive a Swedish winter. Any offers?


Monday, July 11, 2005

dates for the diary

Updated and correct as of today (11/7/05) here are all the important dates for the coming months...

12 August - Robinson McIlwaine leaving party, Duke of York, Commercial Court, Belfast and then meal at Ba Soba, Hill Street, Belfast.

14 August - dep. Port of Belfast for Stranraer -> Glasgow -> Mallaig
15 - 27 August - Isle of Muck, Scotland

31 August dep. Belfast for good ;-( 1030 Norse Merchant sailing for Liverpool/Birkenhead

18 September flight TCX6K London Gatwick to Montréal

Hope to fit you in sometime between these non-changeable and non-refundable journeys :-)

*j* x